Friday, August 31, 2012

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Welcoming Words to the Latest Class of Library Science Students
"Right now across the country, there are new graduate student arriving in the classroom (both real and virtual) to start their academic journey towards a Master’s degree in Library Science. It’s hard for me to believe that I only graduated six years ago and have only been on the job in a librarian capacity for five years (this September will be my fifth year anniversary). It certainly has been a roller coaster ride for me in those five years and has taken me in directions that I didn’t think I would be ending up. After struggling with a previous career in commercial horticulture and a misfire by way of a year in law school, it is been a relief to finally find my niche in the world." -- Andy W, Agnostic, Maybe, 8/27/12

How Should Academic Libraries Communicate their Own Value?
"A common complaint from my librarian friends: too often users fail to appreciate that the resources they use online are only available to them because the library has purchased them. This is aggravated by confusion about what an academic library is. Researchers actively using library resources online may not think of themselves as using the library because they have not recently visited the building. Libraries need to overcome such confusion to ensure that the contributions they make to the university are fully appreciated. Demonstrating value is key if libraries are to be able to continue to claim their share of institutional funding." -- Stephen Barr, Higher Education Network, 8/20/12

Study Finds PA's School Librarians Spread Thin
"School librarians do more than shush students – they help teachers with reading curricula, encourage kids to read outside of school, and they’re proven to be linked to high student achievement. If they have the time. About 73 percent of the commonwealth’s public schools have taken part in a study that reveals school libraries are hurting for funding and resources." -- Mary Wilson, State House Soundbites, 8/22/12

Students find E-Textbooks "Clumsy" and Don't Use their Interactive Features
"Several universities have recently tried a new model for delivering textbooks in hopes of saving students money: requiring purchase of e-textbooks and charging students a materials fee to cover the costs. A recent report on some of those pilot projects, however, shows that many students find the e-textbooks “clumsy” and prefer print." -- Angela Chen, The Wired Campus, 8/20/12

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