Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Weekly Reader: Academic Libraries

What Matters to Academic Library Directors? Information Literacy
"Whether they work at a big research university, a small four-year college, or something in between, academic-library directors share a “resounding dedication” to teaching information literacy to undergraduates. Beyond that, the priorities they set for their libraries depend on the size and nature of their institutions and how many (or few) resources they have to work with." -- Jennifer Howard, Wired Campus, 3/11/14

Academic Libraries: Ithaka S+ R Releases U.S. Library Survey 2013
"The new report was written by and Roger C. Schonfeld (Program Director, Libraries, Users, and Scholarly Practices) and Matthew P. Long (Project Coordinator at ITHAKA)."-- Gary Price, InfoDocket, 3/11/14

Ithaka S+R Academic Library Survey 2013
"In the Ithaka S+R US Library Survey 2013 report we examine how the leaders of academic libraries are approaching systemic changes in their environment and the opportunities and constraints they face in leading their organizations. While exploring key topics covered in our 2010 survey of library directors, such as strategic planning, collecting practices, and library services, in 2013 we also introduced a new emphasis on organizational dynamics, leadership issues, and undergraduate services." -- Roger C. Schonfeld and Matthew P. Long, Ithaka S+R, 3/11/14

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