Tuesday, September 02, 2014

LibGuides (v2) Summer

"What did you do this summer?"

The perennial inquiry from returning students - and student workers - has a different flavor this year. Prior to their May departure preliminary second floor moves and collection weeding led to reorganization of activity books, curriculum text books, big books, book kits, and award book areas. Next in the grand plan was back-shifting the juvenile collection into a full row of newly empty shelves. It was on my summer 'to do' list.  However as LibGuides administrator, my time and efforts were focused mainly on the project. Instead of floor moves, summer moves were of the digital variety. We migrated and went live with LibGuides v2 and E-Reserves to start the new academic year (woot!).

A new platform is a great opportunity to re-brand our guides and feature what they offer to faculty. Effort by our web services team, marketing, and information technology department helped us seamlessly integrate LibGuides v2 with our existing library and IRC web sites. Initial marketing of the updated resource includes information posted on the IRC and Library blog, accompanying tweets and Facebook posts, and will be followed by a short video overview of what LibGuides can provide for course support, instruction, research, and general library resources.  The video will post this week, as soon as I decide which to use.

Library and IRC blog posts are planned to feature information about E-Reserves, A to Z Databases, LibGuides and library instruction, IRC LibGuides, and course support guides.  I have already created two new library guides to support education course assignments and the response has been very favorable. It has also been a stark reminder that I need to consistently promote what these guides offer beyond traditional instruction resources.

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