Thursday, October 28, 2010

Early reader wrap-up

Tomorrow is the 2010 ALAO conference in Columbus! I am unsure if wireless will be available, but will take my netbook and hope to have the opportunity, patience, and ability to do quick conference blog posts. In addition to anticipating the keynote address from featured speaker Stephen Abram, I am looking forward to a wide variety of presentations ... and lunch. As a result, this week's wrap-up is a day early.

  • Understanding Copyright, Fair Use, and Creative Commons
    "I assume that when instructors want to know what they can or cannot do with copyrighted materials, they may often have a hard time figuring it out. I really wanted to understand the topic and provide resources to help others do the same." -- K. Walsh, Emerging EdTech, 10/24/10

  • An Amazon Digital Book Rental Plan?
    "How much would you pay for a monthly subscription to Amazon's digital book content?" -- Joshua Kim, Technology and Learning, 10/24/10

  • Over it Yet? Privacy, That Is
    "Earlier this semester a media law professor asked me to prepare a lecture on privacy to present to his class while he was out of town on business. Subbing, for me, is an opportunity to delve into topics that might have changed since the last time I taught a particular class. So was the case concerning the four types of privacy invasion."-- Michael Bugeja, Views: Inside Higher Ed, 10/25/10

  • VT Students 'Pay it Forward' to Stop Bullying
    "Monday morning 500 students in an introductory to psychology class at Virginia Tech will receive PayDay candy bars in wrappers that read, "Pay It Forward." And instead of the routine lecture of the day, professor E. Scott Geller will urge the students to perform "intentional acts of kindness" -- and hand over their candy bar to a stranger, who hopefully will do the same." -- Jenna Johnson, Campus Overload, 10/25/10

  • History of Online Video
    "The Internet has changed massively over the last years and the days of a life without www seem to have become long forgotten for most people already. Many youngsters could not imagine a life without ‘technology’ or Internet anymore. The biggest change online has been the emergence of video streaming though." -- Franky Branckaute, Blog Herald, 10/27/2010

  • High Stakes in Ohio
    "As many states face billion-dollar deficits and struggle to maintain their quality of education with increasingly stingy budgets, few have remade their higher education systems as aggressively as Ohio has. Under Gov. Ted Strickland, the structure and financing of higher education have undergone dramatic changes, not least of which is a performance-based funding system that awards institutions government money based on retention and educational attainment." -- Allie Grasgreen , Inside Higher Ed News, 10/27/10

  • What Facebook Tells Researchers About Friendship and Race
    "College freshmen are more likely to make friends with peers they share a dorm room or major with than they are to befriend those from similar racial backgrounds, a study on the Facebook profiles of first-year students found." -- Travis Kaya, The Wired Campus, 10/28/10

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