Sunday, October 10, 2010

Outside my reader

Keeping up with my feed list is easy; doing the same with journals that find their way to my office, not so much. I have developed the (bad) habit of copying articles I want to read, placing them in a folder labeled 'to read,' and forwarding the journal to the librarian next on the list. Here are a few articles that caught my attention this evening:

  • Nurturing Innovation,
    "We can’t be held hostage by decisions made years ago. Our patron population has changed; we must as well." -- Meredith Farkas, American Libraries, October 2010

  • Showing Our Strengths
    “Any questions?” library director Sasha asked her department heads, sitting back. A real Political Animal, Sasha nodded as the debate opened around the table. Within seconds, Fly-off-the-Handle Sue had protested the new administrative proposal. Slowpoke Richard geared up his predictable “let’s-wait-and-see” response. Touchy-Feely Candace tried to smooth some ruffled feathers. Meanwhile, Snake-in-the-Grass Sondra sketched out a plan on the flip chart. Smiling, Sasha and Just-the-Facts deputy director Bill enjoyed the interaction." -- Teresa L. (Terry) Jacobson, Library Journal, September 15, 2010

  • LJ Back Talk: Go "Title Rogue"
    "What is it with the library profession and our obsession with individual titles? Is it insecurity? Fear? Elitism? Maybe the focus on titles is not entirely our fault. Perhaps the variety and inherent inconsistency found in this era of ever more creative job descriptions cause us to view titles as the most crucial part of the position." -- Sami Lange, Library Journal, September 15, 2010

  • Something Old, Something New
    "In Aesop's The Ass, the Ape, and the Mole, a jackass complains he has no horns, while an ape laments he has not tail. A mole tells them both to pipe down, 'For poor moles are blind and in worse shape than either of you.' The upshot, be grateful for what you have." -- Lane Smith, Booklist Online, September 15, 2010.

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